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Suggestion for a basic course SLI programming?

Verfasst: 26 Mär 2020, 17:25
von vleeuwen
(for other languages, see
Next week we also have to stay at home in the Netherlands because of the Corona virus. So I have some time left.
Maybe I can share some of my experiences abot SLI -programming with some other fischertechnik hobbyists.
If some fischertechnik fans are interested, I can organize and set up a small online course on the basics of SLI programming.
How: some interactif distance learn meetings, frequency and when depends on the participators.
First I like to know if there are people who like the idea and are willing to participate?

My idea for the content:
-) Setting up Eclipse
-) Installing the example workspace about SLI for the GitHub
-) Installing and setting up the "Linaro-7.2.1-2017.11" tool chain
-) Installing and connecting FileZila
-) Installing and connecting Putty
-) What is RoboPro expecting from the C/C++ SLI code
-) How is the C/C++ function communicating in RobPro.
-) How to use a SLI in RoboPro
-) Understanding, compiling, installing and testing TxtSharedLibraryInterfaceDemo (01)
-) What is the TA, were to find/how to read the documentation.
-) limitations.
-) Setting up the output for tracing the progressing of your programming (SPDLOG, stout, sterr)
console and file.

  • you have basic knowledge about C/C++ programming and working with classes.
  • you have a TXT with firmware 4.6.6 and two encoder motors, switch
  • You have RoboPro 4.6.6 installed and working.
  • A laptop/PC with Windows 8 or 10 and an Internet connection.
The documentation is most of the times in English.
Language: English or Dutch.

Re: Suggestion for a basic course SLI programming?

Verfasst: 27 Mär 2020, 15:28
von Rei Vilo

That is a very interesting program.

I've already installed Eclipse and the Linaro tool-chain, and started playing with the examples.

So the SLI extension is perfect.

See you at the broadcast!

Re: Suggestion for a basic course SLI programming?

Verfasst: 27 Mär 2020, 15:49
von juh
Hi Carel,

I don't own a TXT and don't use RoboPro, so the course is not for me. Nevertheless I just wanted to say that I think this is a great idea of yours and I hope that the course will be a success and everybody will have fun.


Kurz deutsch: Tolle Initiative und viel Erfolg!

Re: Suggestion for a basic course SLI programming?

Verfasst: 19 Apr 2020, 18:54
von chehr
Dear Carel,
I am interested about your proposal and it would be very appreciated to have a course within this week.
Currently I am struggling with Eclipse with the TxtDemo00.
May be we can use Skipe or Zoom for Screen sharing?


Re: Suggestion for a basic course SLI programming?

Verfasst: 21 Apr 2020, 20:13
von vleeuwen
I hope that you have received my message?

TxtDemo00 is part of the other section, fischertechnik/txt_demo_c_download.
But with the part "How to setup your programming tools" is covering the tools for both the section txt_demo_c_download and the section LSI.

I will use Skype, Zoom has some serieus security problem.

Re: Suggestion for a basic course SLI programming?

Verfasst: 24 Apr 2020, 01:22
von vleeuwen
Tomorrow the first introduction training about SLI programming will start with two participators.

Re: Suggestion for a basic course SLI programming?

Verfasst: 09 Mai 2020, 01:37
von vleeuwen
Last evening we have held our second international interactive session about "SLI programming for the TXT".
"Tools which could be part of the software development environment",
"Work around for the RoboPro 5sec on-line problem",
"Tracing and logging for error-resolving and problem-solving",
"Initialisation and termination of running objects",
"Role and function of the transfer area (TA)"
"start and stop of an encoder motor (distance, power) in the SLI functions".
It was very nice to do.

Re: Suggestion for a basic course SLI programming?

Verfasst: 10 Mai 2020, 09:29
von jodeka

I am interrested too for a Basic Course.

I like to program in C(++).

The best would be for me to include the TXT in the Arduino IDE.
I use it for my Arduinos, Teensys, M0/M4s-boards, PICs, and of
course Ftduino

wbr jode

Re: Suggestion for a basic course SLI programming?

Verfasst: 10 Mai 2020, 19:47
von Bjoern
Hello Carel,

I had no time to participate your training.

But do you have some slides? Maybe you can provide them and other have the chance to have a look on them offline.


Re: Suggestion for a basic course SLI programming?

Verfasst: 10 Mai 2020, 20:42
von vleeuwen
@ Jodeka,
The training is about the SLI.
The SLI-mechanism is part of the fischertechnik TXT-firmware and offers the possibility to add elements (and functionality) to RoboPro either in the local-mode and online-mode.
The objective is the fischertechnik TXT.

Re: Suggestion for a basic course SLI programming?

Verfasst: 10 Mai 2020, 22:18
von vleeuwen
Sorry but I have not self-study material to publish for the moment.
The basic information is already available on the fischertechnik GitHub side.
The training is more a interactif way build up around experiments with the SLI-mechanism.
The accompany written material and Eclipse-projects is not aiming on self study but on preparation of the interactif part.
During the 3 or 4 training sessions it will also be specially adapted to the skill level and the points of interest of the participators.

Bot there is a leading common thread running through the training, how to deal as a software engineer with the SLI-mechanism:
- Setup a nice set of tools (the programing development environment) and there role by developing SLI's.
- Some programming technics.
- Systematical problem resolving approach: On what base are your creating code.
- Be prepared for design errors (tracing and debugging)
- Documentation as part of the design and development cycles.
Al these element as support for coding a SLI to add new elements (functionality) to RoboPro.

Beside of the fischertechnik hobbyists, I am also aiming on teachers at secondary education and higher education and developers of educational material for ICT and mechatronic courses at Dutch schools.

I think over to start later this year a second one after the actual training/course.
I also did the suggestion to the organisation of the Ft-convention for a workshop in Sinsheim on the second day.

Re: Suggestion for a basic course SLI programming?

Verfasst: 11 Mai 2020, 22:05
von chehr
I attended both SLI course with Carel and sharing my experience now.
The course is well prepared and therefore already in the fist course the development environment was sucessfully established and sucessfully verifed with the TXT, Eclipse, Linaro Toolchain, FileZilla, Putty and Notepad++ and finally the RoboPro Program.
The subject is complex but the possibilites with the TXT can be significant increased. The first Shared Library was tested with RoboPro.

May we will have in the near future advanced possibility with RoboPro (ie. Sensor logging on SD-Card, TXT Processor temperature in ROBOPro, Accu Power supply voltage etc)

I can recommend to have a look to the SLI feature and to take part to the SLI course, if offered by Carel