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Great difficulties to run the camera

Verfasst: 23 Dez 2019, 23:43
von Pwetum
Hi everyone, sorry to write in english, but I didn't find anywhere else to seek for help.

I'm trying to solve the exercise with the camera, but I don't understand how to make it right. I put a picture with this post. It's the message I've got when I run the prog or when I right clic on it.

I put the right sensor field, but really don't understand the next step.

I was on this problem all the day, red the help, serach for tutorial but, I'm lost, I hope you can guide me.
Thanks in advance

Re: Great difficulties to run the camera

Verfasst: 24 Dez 2019, 10:58
von vleeuwen
English, Dutch or French will do, this is an international forum.

But your image is not visible.
Below the edit window you will find an Attachments Tab.
Maybe you can add your .rpp (RoboPro file) and image file there.
A better description of your problem will also be welcome.
What is the objectif of your experiment?
What is your hardware setup?

Re: Great difficulties to run the camera

Verfasst: 24 Dez 2019, 13:12
von Pwetum
Indeed, the image doesn't showed up
Caméra 1.PNG
Caméra 1.PNG (19.79 KiB) 561 mal betrachtet
, yep, I didn't saw I had to add it, my bad =)

So in this image I showed what happened when I right clic on the camera to change it's function mode, as it doesn't change automatically when I add a sensor field. I thaught that I can change it as every other elements until this point.

It happens also with the solution :
Caméra 2.PNG
Caméra 2.PNG (77.39 KiB) 564 mal betrachtet
, it open then the input panel :
Input.PNG (12.65 KiB) 564 mal betrachtet
, all the elements I have are :
Caméra 3.PNG
Caméra 3.PNG (9.67 KiB) 564 mal betrachtet

I have downloaded the last version 4.6.6 and updated the controller too, I run on windows 10

The exercise is too flash a light 3 times when the camera sees something moving in its field. But I don't understand how to change the input of the camera nor what is wrong with what I do.

Re: Great difficulties to run the camera

Verfasst: 24 Dez 2019, 13:54
von hamlet
Hi Pwetum,
it looks a bit like that in you've selected the wrong controller in your RoboPro application. The TX and ROBO-interface are predecessors of the TXT controller and don't support a camera. In the button row above the main window you find an interface selection button, it should be more or less in the middle. There you can select the TXT controller and the connection type: USB, wlan or Bluetooth. USB and default IP should work out of the box w/o any further setup. You can check the connection with the interface test button, just right of the selection button.
Kind Regards,

Re: Great difficulties to run the camera

Verfasst: 24 Dez 2019, 14:46
von Pwetum
Thanks, you were right, I clicked here
solution.PNG (730 Bytes) 539 mal betrachtet
and it solves the problem at least for the solution program.

I will try this approach from now on.

Have a nice holidays =)