Robo tx controller firmware update fails

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Robo tx controller firmware update fails

Beitrag von Jerlag_01 » 17 Jul 2018, 18:26


I'm from Belgium and I never learned to write Deutsch so my apologies for that.
I've had the TX-Controller for a while now and wanted to go back in that programming stuff with it. so i installed robo pro again and updated to the latest version as the previous version 3.2.4 wasn't able to connect to the tx controller anymore bx of windows 10. Now it's saying that the firmware and library is out of date and needs to be updated. But if i click ok to start the update, it says that there was an error with scanning the firmware files for both update notifications.
Any idea on how to resolve this?

thanks in advance,


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Re: Robo tx controller firmware update fails

Beitrag von eumel » 25 Jul 2018, 15:32

Hallo Jerlag_01

May be you find some hints for your problem here:
viewtopic.php?f=21&t=2984&p=19978&hilit ... tur#p19978
You can download the TX-repairkit here: ... s/robotics
If you have an different windows system (for exemple win7_32Bit), then try to update the firmware there.
If nothing works,you could send your TX-Controller to:
fischertechnik GmbH, Serviceabteilung, Klaus-Fischer-Str. 1, 72178 Waldachtal

good luck

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Re: Robo tx controller firmware update fails

Beitrag von andon » 28 Mär 2021, 17:48

- deleted -

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Re: Robo tx controller firmware update fails

Beitrag von MasterOfGizmo » 28 Mär 2021, 17:54

Your battery is getting hot while being charged? Then the battery is indeed likely broken. In that case you can try a regular 9V block battery to check if your TX is still alive.

If your battery is getting hot when supplying the TX then your TX may be defective and may be drawing excessive current.

Edit: Why did you delete the question I just answered?
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