TXT-C-Programming-Kit-for online programming V4-6-6_beta-05

Alles rund um TX(T) und RoboPro, mit ft-Hard- und Software
Computing using original ft hard- and software
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TXT-C-Programming-Kit-for online programming V4-6-6_beta-05

Beitrag von vleeuwen » 30 Aug 2020, 19:55

The API set has been extended with callbacks for:
- Universal Inputs, digital.
- X-Y axis fischertechnik IR-device
- MotorExReached
- CntRestReady
- CntCounterChanged

The release with end user Visual Studio 2019 solution as zip

The GitHub repository

The TXT API set can be useful in teaching modern C ++ (C11 / 14/17 ++), the fischertechnik TXT controller based model provide a good aid in the practical work. Structured approach using "Systematic Problem Approach" in combination with tangible problems, add some important dimension to learning to program and design maintainable and reusable software.
Keywords: mechatronics / industrial automation.
Dutch school in Overijsel [NL], if you need some support about the educational aspects you can contact me directly if you wish.