Rollercoaster rail construction

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Rollercoaster rail construction

Beitrag von konjurer » 09 Mai 2012, 15:51

What are some methods of constructing rollercoaster rails and parts involved? In other words, the track and parts that hold the car to the track. I've watched some videos but its hard to catch a glimpse of the parts involved.



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Re: Rollercoaster rail construction

Beitrag von C-Knobloch » 09 Mai 2012, 20:35


I think I've gained quite some experiences with constructing fischertechnik roller coasters. Back in 2009 I started experimenting with this type of track applied to this model. After a while I figured out that this is not the way to go to build sophisticated roller coaster models. I developed my own rails and wheel bogies which integrate nicely to the huge fischertechnik track backbone. Check out this video on my channel:
You can see detailed shots of the track on these pictures:

The system works like this:

At first I build the fischertechnik backbone of the track. By using different angles and lengths of the parts I am able to reproduce every element of a real roller coaster.
Then I mount the PVC cross ties on the Backbone. These parts (around 700-800 for firestorm 2) were CNC-milled by myself.
After that I glue the 4mm plastic tubes to the cross ties.
The wheels are plastic ball bearings which are mounted to an aluminum bogie.
Look at this:

I hope this gives you an idea of the different possibilities. By the way, the 2009 version based on this track system.