Setup with the new DE0-Nano-Soc board.

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Re: Setup with the new DE0-Nano-Soc board.

Beitrag von fotoopa » 10 Jul 2021, 13:01

The input module for the pic and place robot is ready.
This allows the robot to make a drawing. It uses the content of the neo-display to determine where to place colored disks. The content of the drawing can be loaded from the flash memory or created directly with the editor.
The input module is provided for 5 different colors. Each storage can hold over 40 discs. At the bottom of each storage tube is a servo ejector. When the robot needs a color it controls the right servo. This places the disc on the supply belt. A chain with a magnet holder moves the colored disc to the recording head of the robot. Each disc contains a small neodym magnet. This magnet is used for transport but also for detection on arrival at the robot holder. It also contains a hall detector. If the robot detects a disc, it continues with the placement.
The neo-matrix actually contains 2 blocks of 8x8. The scanning proceeds per block from top left to bottom right.

HD picture on Flickr:

HD picture on Flickr:

HD picture on Flickr:

The video:

BildPic and place robot make drawing. by Frans, on Flickr

With this, I am gradually coming to the end of this project. A few more small updates and everything is finished. Meanwhile, the Robopro program file has become quite large (6.9 Mb).
It does not make sense to make the program available. You cannot run anything online without the FPGA I2C interface.
I have now also bought a second TXT controller. However, it also has the problem of regularly showing a blank display. To solve this problem I have placed the beta version 4.8.0 on the sd card and used it to boot. This made the display work normally. The existing Robopro program runs correctly on version 4.8.0 of the TXT.


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Re: Setup with the new DE0-Nano-Soc board.

Beitrag von atzensepp » 24 Jul 2021, 17:22

This project is absolutely amazing and we are curious what will come next. Thanks for sharing!
Although this is very special you have solutions for many problems that people face who want to build similar rigs.
Some of them are:
  • Usage of 3d-printed parts (for mayn of them stl files would be interesting)
  • Various Encoders
  • Multi Motor Control
  • Usage of model servos
  • Usage of FPGA and interface to txt controller
and many more. You really could fill a book with this.