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Frustration with TXT Connections

Verfasst: 20 Dez 2014, 20:38
von konjurer
I have been having trouble with my new TXT Controller connecting to USB, Bluetooth and WiFi. I was eventually able to connect using the USB cable after reinstalling and reconnecting several times. However I am having no success with Bluetooth or WiFi. I had hoped that the TXT would be better that the TX in this regard. This should be as easy as pairing any BT device.

The first issue that I want to resolve is the firmware on the TXT Controller. I fear the firmware is corrupt. The identity of the TXT controller does not show up in the display. The only thing under the settings menu is Language. No connectivity settings at all. Does anyone have any idea what might be the problem with my TXT Controllers. I have purchased 12 TXT Discover sets, and so far, the first two TXT Controllers I have unpacked have the same issues.

The documentation is terrible. The troubleshooting option of the ROBOTICS Terminal application is broken...getting the following messages when I try to access the TXT section and the TXT Discovery Trouble Shooting section. Very frustrating.

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Uncaught node.js Error

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Re: Frustration with TXT Connections

Verfasst: 20 Dez 2014, 20:49
von konjurer
Please ignore this post. I see there is already a thread in the ROBO Pro Computing forum.

Thanks and have a great Christmas!

Re: Frustration with TXT Connections

Verfasst: 20 Dez 2014, 21:49
von schnaggels
Hello konjurer,

just out of interest, what are you doing with 12 TXT Discover sets please?
I guess you are a teacher and preparing a new lesson for your class maybe


Re: Frustration with TXT Connections

Verfasst: 21 Dez 2014, 01:34
von konjurer
Yes. I develop software engineering training for my company (aerospace). We use Legos and FT sets. Mainly Legos Mindstorms however I am developing a new class using TXT Discovery sets and some other FT sets. We're not really teaching about robotics. The robots are a means for teaching about systems integration and software methodology (like Kanban and Scrum). The robots make the classes fun and engaging.

I will probably use the FT sets for STEM outreach for local children as well.


Re: Frustration with TXT Connections

Verfasst: 21 Dez 2014, 20:06
von vleeuwen
Hi Tim,
Success with your courses,

Kind regards,