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Sudconvention 2021 ??

Verfasst: 14 Jul 2021, 02:20
von vleeuwen
Is there still a small chance that the Sud Convention will possibly go ahead this year? And if so, when is the schedule?
Although the development with the Corona (COVID-19) virus does not give much hope.
Gibt es noch eine kleine Chance, dass die Sud Convention noch in diesem Jahr stattfindet? Und wenn ja, wann ist der Zeitplan?
Obwohl die Entwicklung mit dem Corona (COVID-19) Virus nicht viel Hoffnung macht.

Re: Sudconvention 2021 ??

Verfasst: 22 Aug 2021, 20:28
von davidrpf

first of all, I apologize for the late reply. I've rarely been online in the forum recently and thus must have missed your post.
The good news are, however, that we are planning a to organize a Südconvention on 30. October 2021 in Sinsheim. You will find more detailed information in the other thread I've just opened.

Best regards

Re: Sudconvention 2021 ??

Verfasst: 22 Aug 2021, 20:43
von vleeuwen
Thanks David,
However I am not able to attend this year because have already another appointment.
However I hope that this first FT-Convention after Corona will be a success.

Kind regards, Carel

Re: Sudconvention 2021 ??

Verfasst: 22 Aug 2021, 21:24
von ModeratorRalf
Hello David,
I corrected the date for the Südconvention in your post to Saturday, the 30. October

Kind regards, Ralf