FTDRoid: Android and Robo TX Controller

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FTDRoid: Android and Robo TX Controller

Beitrag von JMaria » 06 Okt 2015, 14:33

Hello everyone, my name is Jose Maria and this year I have finished my studies in computer engineering at the university of Ciudad Real, Spain. I want to share with you my degree project: a Bluetooth communication library between Android devices and Robo Tx Controller.

With this library (FTDroid) you can develop any project and control it from your smartphone or tablet.

FTDroid is a .aar module. This module can be imported and used in your projects with Android Studio.

You can download this module here.

https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=1 ... file%2czip

In addition, I've uploaded all the documentation of my project (in spanish) and a app of example (the source code). This application is a testing application
You can move motors, send a text message and receive input information (counters are not implemented in the app)

FTDRoid functions are similar to those of ftMscLib. You can find information in sections B5 and B6 of the documentation.

To use the FTDroid functions you must import the library with

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import com.ftdroid.lib.ftdroid.DLL;
To initiate the communication you need to use these operations

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"dispositivo" is a BluetoothDevice object, you need to get this object for communication. You can find information here http://developer.android.com/guide/topi ... tooth.html

I hope you find it useful. If you have any questions you can consult me, although I have no Robo Tx Interface, so there are many things I can not prove.

Yours sincerely

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Re: FTDRoid: Android and Robo TX Controller

Beitrag von schnaggels » 28 Okt 2015, 16:03

Thanks JMaria :)
This sounds very interesting and I hope to find some time for own tests soon.


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Re: FTDRoid: Android and Robo TX Controller

Beitrag von Bennik » 16 Mai 2016, 14:58

Hello JMara,
I want to develop an android app using Xamarin. With Xamarin you can develop the apps in C# for native Android, Apple and Windows Phone.
Is it posible to get the source code of your library?
Then I could port it to C# and use it with Xamarin.

-------------------------------- EDIT --------------------------------------------
I developed my own implementation based on the communication packages I captured so I do not need the source code anymore.

FtApp- App um den TX u. TXT zu steuern. Mehr Informationen hier: https://github.com/Bennik2000/FtApp