Issues with registration in forum

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Issues with registration in forum

Beitrag von EstherM » 04 Dez 2020, 19:02

Dear Max,
we understand that you have some difficulties with registering at our forum.
Sorry for that.
We had some new users in the last days, who already posted. So the problem does not seem to be general. There are two inactive users. This is the normal state when a user has registered, but not yet answered the confirmation mail. Perhaps you again check your inbox and your spam folder.
If all our mails do not reach you, this is the only way to contact you.

Summary in German - Kurzfassung auf Deutsch
Ein englischsprachiger User hat versucht sich anzumelden, aber es funktioniert nicht und unsere Mails erreichen ihn anscheinend nicht. Daher versuchen wir jetzt, ihm auf diesem Weg zu helfen.

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Re: Issues with registration in forum

Beitrag von Petabytemax » 06 Dez 2020, 22:49

Hi EstherM,

thankyou for trying to reach me, unfortunately i couldn't receive any "activation" emails to either a hotmail or Gmail address, their was no mails in the spam folder and without registering there seemed no way to reach you.

lucky I have set up a new email ( just for this forum) and impressed ( and surprised ) to see you tried to reach me here.
happy to share details in private messages ( at least so you can remove the half activated accounts ) but you may want to set up a "im having trouble registering" contact form or similar in case anybody else had similar troubles in future.

One other comment that confused me as an English user was the "Captcha" question only a human should know, luckily Björn Gundermann helped me
but from my perspective the colour of the "usual " bricks would be grey, though I understand the answer the forum is looking for is black ????

max ( petabytemax)