Subroutine problem

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Subroutine problem

Beitrag von vleeuwen » 12 Apr 2020, 23:46

RoboPro problem, both on-line and off-line.
RoboPro 4.6.6. firmware 4.6.6.

The main program try to activate the process in the test function.
The program has been made very basic to show the problem.

I tried all property combination for the start element
properties start element
properties start element
Simple_test_start.JPG (20.95 KiB) 807 mal betrachtet
With the "main program starts" it starts as expected directly an runs fine.
But with the "function start", it starts as expected when the main program entered "test" function.
But the motor does not stop after 1 sec, It stops when the main task terminates.
The small delay is needed to start, otherwise the test-process does not starts at all.
The second process does not runs. For me this looks like a fundamental bug in RoboPro.
Main subroutine
Main subroutine
Simple_main.JPG (33.27 KiB) 807 mal betrachtet
Test subroutine
Test subroutine
Simple_test.JPG (62.82 KiB) 807 mal betrachtet
So problems with RoboPro are not limited to the SLI-problems only.