International forum about TXT and fischertechnik?

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International forum about TXT and fischertechnik?

Beitrag von vleeuwen » 16 Mär 2019, 13:07

Does there exists a more international forum about fischertechnik and the TXT-controller?
I have fine experiences with the TXT and the new possibilities but on this forum I get the idea that the TXT with the standard Fischertechnik firmware is almost dead.

On this forum there is almost no discussion about the TXT and it features anymore.
All the discussion is about third party soft- and hardware and is done by a very small group.
I'm missing the contributions of French, Belgium, Dutch, English, North American etc users.

Dirk Haizmann ft
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Re: International forum about TXT and fischertechnik?

Beitrag von Dirk Haizmann ft » 18 Mär 2019, 13:17


no, unfortunately there is no further "forum" in which the TXT topic is discussed.

Just try to open a new topic. I'm sure there are several users who have similar questions like you.

Good luck!

Dirk Haizmann