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bluetooth issues

Verfasst: 15 Mai 2018, 18:41
von Gast
I recently got the 'BT Racing set'. I have two seperate issues:
- After 5-10 min of use, the remote control or receiver get stuck and do not accept further commands. The main motor continues to run at a certain speed. (This is not the 'cruise control' feature, which does work normally.) Switching off and onthe remote control, makes the issue go away. I can not identify what triggers the problem.

- the Android BlueTooth control app does not find the receiver. When I push the 'Start' button, it says 'Please select Blue/Yellow channel, but I do not understand how/where to do that. I have set the receiver on the blue and yellow channels (with/without the remote), but the receiver never shows up. Can you give a step-by-step description of what I am supposed to do? (reset the receiver? adjust settings in the app (where)?, ...)?



Re: bluetooth issues

Verfasst: 03 Jul 2018, 10:25
von Dirk Haizmann ft

please excuse the late answer

To your first question:
That sounds weird. I don't have a real solution to this. Is it possible that there are problems with the power supply?
If this is not the problem, you are welcome to send in the model.

Your second problem is easier. Just press the select-botton for 3 sec. Then select in the app > "pull down to scan new devices".
That should do it.

I hope I helped.


Dirk Haizmann