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Regarding the "Windows 10 IoT TXT USB driver"

Verfasst: 18 Apr 2018, 20:10
von MasterOfGizmo
Fischertechnik never wrote the USB driver for the TXT. Not even the one for the x86 version of windows.

The type of USB client connection the TXT uses is called RNDIS ( Microsoft invented this proprietary protocol to transfer ethernet like traffic over USB. The linux developers analyzed and reverse engineered most parts of this only partly documented protocol and implemented it into the Linux kernel.

So it would be up to Microsoft to port their RNDIS driver to the arm platform. And as it seems they haven't done that yet ( ... WindowsIoT).

So the question is not if fischertechnik intends to support this. The question is if Microsoft does. Funny fact is that the Linux support for this proprietary Microsoft protocol is better than Microsofts own support. And it seems that currently noone can tell if and when Microsoft will ever support this in the R-Pi. Currently they don't.

You might want to use a real operating system on your R-Pi, anyway.

Re: Regarding the "Windows 10 IoT TXT USB driver"

Verfasst: 25 Jun 2018, 16:18
von Dirk Haizmann ft
Thanks for this info.


Dirk Haizmann