Windows 10 IoT TXT USB driver

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Windows 10 IoT TXT USB driver

Beitrag von vleeuwen » 07 Apr 2018, 01:35

Does Fischertechnik has plans to make the TXT USB drivers also available for WIndows 10 IoT Raspberry Pi (ARM architecture)?
I guess that the source code only need to be cross compiled for the ARM processor.
This will open some possibilities for the big Raspberry Pi community.

For the BT-controller is this probably easy to connect with the Raspberry pi 3 over USB because the FTDI 2xx drivers are already integrated into the actual WIndows 10 IoT release.
But I am not yet sure of this because the FTDI 2xx drivers are from a more recent version then the Fischertechnik FTDI drivers; I need to test that.

AlexanderSteiger ft
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Re: Windows 10 IoT TXT USB driver

Beitrag von AlexanderSteiger ft » 18 Apr 2018, 14:24

Unfortunately, there are no plans to support TXT USB drivers for "WIndows 10 IoT".
You can use the Wifi interface instead of USB.