Polarity magnet "magnetischer Kugelhater" FI-119850

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Polarity magnet "magnetischer Kugelhater" FI-119850

Beitrag von fotoopa » 06 Nov 2017, 17:09

I use unipolar hall detectors for my "Kugelban project" to read input information. Now I come to the discovery that the magnets of the FI-119850 blocks are not all mounted in the same way. The north and south poles of the magnets are sometimes swapped. Because I use unipolar detectors, they do not work all. From a set of 17 pieces, there are 11 pieces that have the same polarity, corresponding to my used unipolar hall detector (Hall-effect-sensor unipolair AH3144E ). Using omnipolar chips is not recommended because of higher hysteresis and lower sensitivity. Is the polarity not checked in production?

Update 7 Nov 2017:
I just removed the magnet from the FI-119850 block using another neodymium magnet. Now I can reverse it and put it back. This makes the polarity correct! So it is easily adaptable.

Update 10 Nov 2017:
Not all magnets could be exchanged using another magnet. A solution to this was the drilling of a small hole 2mm on the backside. Then, you could easily pull out the magnet and turn it around. Now the polarity of all magnets are the same! The hall detector now works perfectly on my chain running with 13 blocks type FI-119850 .

Jochen Kaupp ft
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Re: Polarity magnet "magnetischer Kugelhater" FI-119850

Beitrag von Jochen Kaupp ft » 04 Jan 2018, 15:17

Hello fotoopa

Thank you for your information and sorry for the late reply.
If the “magnetischer Kugelhalter 119 850 is used for the elevator in a Dynamic model, the polarity of the magnet does not matter. During the assembly is no attention paid to the polarity of the magnet.

Kind regards
Jochen Kaupp