e-learning Pneumatic 3 + Profi Electronics + TXT Discovery S

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e-learning Pneumatic 3 + Profi Electronics + TXT Discovery S

Beitrag von Sweany » 18 Apr 2017, 21:00

I did buy these 3 sets in the past now they are also on e-learning but i do not have a code to acces the content, these are not in the old books.
How do i get the right code for these 3 sets to see the content, i have a few codes from other boxes but they don't work.

It are these 3 sets
Profi Electronics
Profi Pneumatics 3
Robotics TXT Discovery Set

Ore at least give them free for every user who did buy the set in the past that seems for me the right way.

Dirk Haizmann ft
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Re: e-learning Pneumatic 3 + Profi Electronics + TXT Discove

Beitrag von Dirk Haizmann ft » 25 Apr 2017, 09:35

Hallo Sweany,

please send us a short email to info@fischertechnik.de


Dirk Haizmann ft