[Frustrated] Assembly guide mismatched with lesson plan

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[Frustrated] Assembly guide mismatched with lesson plan

Beitrag von zhengtzer » 20 Sep 2023, 20:11

Dear ft team,

frustrated teacher on Class set simple machine
i believe other class set is the same, havent started yet

ft have a wonderfull lesson plan where teacher can teach smoothly for student
but the assembly guide and lesson plan have no connection at all, this force me to REDO! the guide in order to pass to other first time teachers

what i mean is:
1. lesson plan : stage 1 lesson plan ask teacher to build a "naked" crane, the top part, which is great
2. assembly guide : start by asking user to build the base etc, steps are totally off from lesson plan

sad, just sad

fischertechnik Mitarbeiter
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Re: [Frustrated] Assembly guide mismatched with lesson plan

Beitrag von fite-Team » 29 Sep 2023, 17:02

Dear Jonathan,

it is correct, that the assembly instruction shows the complete crane and that the task sheet recommends to build several parts of the crane. However, the solution sheet shows how to build the parts of the crane as it is suggested in the task sheet. I will forward this issue to the collegues who are responsible for the didactic material. They will check whether it makes sense to adapt the instruction manual.

Thank you for this hint.

Kind regards
the fischertechnik Team