.NET micro Framework 4

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.NET micro Framework 4

Beitrag von vleeuwen » 16 Dez 2010, 22:29

For discussion:
The .NET micro Framework 4 (see: http://www.microsoft.com/netmf/about/default.mspx)
is portable to the AT91SAM9261.
Is it postable to the AT91SAM9260 too?
Maybe it could be usable for the TX-C, yo never know.

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Re: .NET micro Framework 4

Beitrag von steffalk » 17 Dez 2010, 15:57

Hello everybody,

to supplement Carel's posting, here is a .net µF team blog entry about starting with the .net Micro Framework:

http://blogs.msdn.com/b/netmfteam/archi ... netmf.aspx

Most interestingly, GFI, one of the hardware manufactures which offer µF boards and support, have made available a downloadable book:

http://www.tinyclr.com/downloads/Beginn ... 0NETMF.pdf

On the first pages, there is a well-written introduction to what the .net Micro Framwork is all about, advantages opposed to classical µC development, and scenarios where it can be useful. It continues with an easily understandable tutorial for people who have never used .net, the micro framework, C#, or Visual Studio.

Best regards,