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c++ & TXT

Beitragvon bluatigro » 06 Sep 2018, 11:29

i m using devc++ and code::blocks for c++
where can i find info on using c++ on the TXT ?

i want to code for mobile robots

it wood be a lot easyer for me if ROBOPro came whit a script language build in
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Re: c++ & TXT

Beitragvon steffalk » 07 Sep 2018, 10:35

Hello bluatigro,

there are at least three places to look at:

- https://www.fischertechnik.de/en/servic ... s/robotics
- https://github.com/fischertechnikGmbH
- http://cfw.ftcommunity.de/ftcommunity-TXT/en

And: It may be not exactly what you want, but in case you are just looking for controlling fischertechnik models using a _powerful_ language and debugging environment, maybe you want to have a look at https://nanoframework.net/, that is, Visual Studio (or VS Code) and C# with nearly everything one might wish.

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Re: c++ & TXT

Beitragvon Torsten » 09 Sep 2018, 09:22

Hi bluatigro,

bluatigro hat geschrieben:it wood be a lot easyer for me if ROBOPro came whit a script language build in

you could use ftrobopy and Python as a scripting language to access the TXT and all of its I/Os:
see https://github.com/ftrobopy and ft:pedia 2/2017 (https://ftcommunity.de/ftpedia_ausgaben ... 2017-2.pdf)
for more details (mostly in german).

Best wishes,
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