pneumatic 4/3

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pneumatic 4/3

Beitragvon bluatigro » 23 Jan 2019, 16:15

i want to have a 4/3 electronic air switch
it is posible to build one whit some electronic FT air switches
but the i have to do eletronics whit diodes
and i can not sorder because of my eye's [ i see 30% }

wil there be a 4/3 sswitch in the future ?

this wil make thing's a lot easyer
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Re: pneumatic 4/3

Beitragvon steffalk » 23 Jan 2019, 21:17

Hello bluatigro,

as the fischertechnik magnet air switch is a 3/2 (with one being the free air and not connectable), you could simulate 1 * 4/3 using 2 * 3/2 (if you just intend to let one cylinder go in both directions). One of the 2 valves needs just to be inverted (using some form of "not" logic).

Good luck!
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