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fischertechnik and Node-RED

BeitragVerfasst: 01 Mai 2018, 13:40
von Rei Vilo

I've read your post Fischertechnik Fabrik mit Node-Red Programmieren about fischertechnik and Node-RED. Have you developed the Node-RED yourself, or is it a standard feature provided by fischertechnik?

I've designed an extension for the Robo-TX and Robotics TXT controllers, the smartNode. It is an I²C device attached to the Robo-TX and Robotics TXT controllers, and uses BLE to communicate and interface to a server running Node-RED.


On the Robo-TX and Robotics TXT controller, a standard RoboPro project runs a driver to sent data and retrieve commands.

SAP and IBM have demonstrated their own implementations of Node-RED with fischertechnik-based models.