mot. 4 812 Netzgerat Powersupply EN

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mot. 4 812 Netzgerat Powersupply EN

Beitragvon Codex » 10 Mai 2018, 14:22


I just received an unused mot. 4 812 power supply, the 30173 1975. The ones sold in Australia have an Approval label stuck over the original bottom third of the top panel, see the picture attached.

In Australia, we typical have 240 V ac. At my house its typically above 245 V ac and sometimes 250 V ac. (There is a local power substation close to my building)

In the picture, you can see there are two Mot. 4 812s. One has been used a lot the other is like new.

With 244.6 V ac input I get the following output voltages.

Output of like new mot4. 812 with no load
10.58 V ac
-12.12 to +12.12 V dc

Output of often used mot4. 812 with no load
9.47 V ac
-10.53 to +10.53 V dc

With Elektronik-Bausstein Gleichrichter + RBII for a 120 mA ac load then there is about 25 mV drop on the 812 ac outputs.

I am a bit surprised that they have all most a 10% difference in ac output voltage.

Has anyone measured their output voltages in Germany?

Does anyone know if the Australian mot4 812 is the same as the Germany version of the mot4 812, do they have the same transformer coil winding ratio?

Are there any schematic diagrams or pictures of the inside of one of these?

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