Incompatible RoboPro 4.2.4 program on different OS

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Incompatible RoboPro 4.2.4 program on different OS

Beitragvon Dragoni » 17 Okt 2017, 08:59


I have Fischer Technik 524328 Robotics TXT Discovery Set and I use RoboPro version 4.2.4.
I have also 2 laptops, first with Windows 10 PRO 64bit and second with Windows 7 Home 64bit, both these laptops have same RoBoPro software 4.2.4. Unicode.

When I create a new program, for example, a Hand Dryer on Windows 7, then the program does not work well (PhotoTransistor does not work as expected, it does not expect to interrupt the flow of light and continues in the loop in executing the program infinite). When I save this program on Windows 7, and open It on the Windows 10, block connection wires missing.

When I create the same program on my Windows 10, save it and open it in Windows 7 RoboPro, then It works well.
For the experiments, I use the same RoboTXT Controller with version 4.2.4 and RoboPro 4.2.4.

Is there a reasonable explanation for this problem?
Do I have something wrong set up somewhere, or how can I solve it?

Thank you for your valuable advice.
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