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New website: help needed

Beitragvon EstherM » 30 Jun 2019, 10:41

Dear friends,
as you will know, we are currently working on a new ft-community website. We also restructure the site. The documents in the section "Downloads" will move to other sections, e.g. documents which accompagny ft:pedia articles move int that section etc. Here is the issue where we need help:
There are several documents, where the description is in Dutch. They were mostly uploaded by Peter Damen, and we certainly do not want to lose them. To make the documents more visible and to be able to find the correct place for them, we need a translation of this description into German or English. Can you please help and translate the descriptions? You find the relevant documents here ("Bor de Wolf") and here: I would also like to hear suggestions for the best place of these documents in the new structure.
Thanks you very much!
Best regards
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