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script in robopro

Verfasst: 07 Nov 2018, 13:57
von bluatigro
hello FT
i want the folowing :
a script language in robopro
i have bad eye's [ i see 30% ]
it is nearly imposeble for me to conect the object's in robopro
whit wires
it does not matter to me whitch pc language
as long it has :
choises , loop's , sub's , function's , recursion , array's , random numbers and a include comand
enlargeble font in the ide wood be nice to
OOP is nice but it is not nesesery

i wil like this verry mutch if you implement this

Re: script in robopro

Verfasst: 21 Dez 2018, 09:26
von HartmutKnecht
Thank you for your suggestion.

We agree that it would be very helpful to be able to use scripts in our software. We cannot guarantee that this possibility will be available in the near future, but we will put it on our "wish list".

Kind regards
Hartmut Knecht