TXT controller power problem

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TXT controller power problem

Beitragvon hvn » 29 Mai 2017, 09:34

Dear ft-team,

Because my written German isn't very good, I write in English.

This TXT controller is already a replacement by ft, but this one also has distinct problems.
- After power-off, the date/time is set back to 2000-01-01, 0:00. The battery-cell has been replaced, but this didn't solve the problem.
- When on battery (ft NiMH Akku), the TXT controller frequently goes power off. Changing wires between Akku and controller doesn't solve it. It also happens when the Akku is fully loaded. When the controller is connected to the power-adapter (505287), it stays on.
- After power-on, it happens a lot that the start-up hangs in grey screen.
- It occurs that the display shows a flash as if it is being reset. This is not frequent. When a program is active, this keeps running, but it can't be stopped unless hard interrupted by Control-C via ssh or even using the kill command via ssh. The display doesn't respond anymore until the interrupt has been done. For clarity, since I use Linux, I don't use ROBOPro much, but I use ftrobopy. When I try using ROBOPro, it sometimes happens as well.

Since all these problems do not happen all the time, I know it will be difficult to diagnose.
Note: the firmware is 4.2.3.

Kind regards,

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Re: TXT controller power problem

Beitragvon HartmutKnecht » 01 Jun 2017, 17:49

First of all I would suggest to update the Controller and ROBOPro to the Version 4.2.4.
In addition make sure that the rechargeable battery pack is really charged and that there is no loose contact in the cable.
You can test the capacity of the battery pack by connecting e.g. two motors directly to the battery pack and let them run. They should move minimum 2 hours (depending on the type of motors of course).
If all this does not help, please send the controller to fischertechnik service with a short description of the problem. We will repair or replace it then.

Kind Regards
Hartmut Knecht
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