e-learning Pneumatic 3 + Profi Electronics + TXT Discovery S

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e-learning Pneumatic 3 + Profi Electronics + TXT Discovery S

Beitragvon Sweany » 18 Apr 2017, 21:00

I did buy these 3 sets in the past now they are also on e-learning but i do not have a code to acces the content, these are not in the old books.
How do i get the right code for these 3 sets to see the content, i have a few codes from other boxes but they don't work.

It are these 3 sets
Profi Electronics
Profi Pneumatics 3
Robotics TXT Discovery Set

Ore at least give them free for every user who did buy the set in the past that seems for me the right way.
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Re: e-learning Pneumatic 3 + Profi Electronics + TXT Discove

Beitragvon Dirk Haizmann ft » 25 Apr 2017, 09:35

Hallo Sweany,

please send us a short email to info@fischertechnik.de


Dirk Haizmann ft
Dirk Haizmann ft
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