final release of MS-RDS 4 and Kinect SDK 1

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final release of MS-RDS 4 and Kinect SDK 1

Beitragvon vleeuwen » 11 Mär 2012, 15:45

The week the final release of MS Robotics Developers Studio 4 and the XBOX360 Kinect SDK 1 took place.

I publiced the updated version of the FtTxService for the Robo TX-C (integration of the TX-C in the MS_RDS system already.
The XBOX 306 Kinect image sensor can also be used in conjunction with a normal Windows 7 or higher based PC or Laptop. THe Kinect SDK 1 is dotNET framework based. The SDK contains a set of example applications.
The Kinect image sensor delivers several things:
-) Normal color image
-) Depth image (The gray clor is a measure for the distance to the sensors.
-) Skeloton image (The position of 20 reference point on a body) 1 or 2 skeletons are being supported.
-) Microphone array, sound + position of the source information)
This opens the way to use this image sensor as controller for fischertechnik models too.

The Kinect is also integrated in the MS-RDS system. This makes the use as controller for the TX-C a lot easier.
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